Violetta surprize bag

Music, friendship, and ...lots of surprises!

There’s one thing that Violetta wants more than anything else and that’s to become a famous singer!
She do absolutely anything to make her dream come true… even enrol, in secret, at Studio 21, the school for musically gifted students.
At the school, she makes tonnes of new friends and also cute boys that make her heart flutter beat.
But most of all, she gets the chance to turn her dreams into reality and begin a new life, full of surprises… just like the new Violetta Surprize Bag.
Available in four totally different versions, the Violetta Surprize Bag is packed with fun, original goodies!
Discover all the surprises hidden inside! Each Surprize Bag contains exciting tests to try out with your friends, entertaining quizzes about the world of Violetta, and loads of great accessories for writing and drawing, from writing paper to coloured pens.
Collect all the Surprize Bags and colour your world with the unique style of Violetta!
Are you a real V-lover?
Hurry to your newsagent’s now!
The Violetta Surprize Bags await you, bursting with surprises!